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How to Create Social Media Content Fast

I've always been the type to wear a lot of hats, but never more hats than I've had to wear being a small business owner. It's a challenge just to keep my new business afloat, let alone maintain my social media outlets. And, let me tell you, just to "maintain" my social media outlets isn't even enough. It's no shock that we live in a digital world, where people have their phones in hand at all times. We are constantly scrolling through our social media feeds in search of something new and interesting. As a new business owner, this fact is our golden ticket. Yes, social media is insanely polluted and it can be difficult to grow an audience, but if you spend the time to fully commit and create, then you're on the road to success. Here are a few of my tips for optimizing the content you create for your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok accounts to full capacity, and fast.

Plan Ahead

It's crucial to have some kind of integrated marketing calendar in place for your business. This allows every area of your business to stay aligned and in sync. Stemming from the integrated marketing calendar is your social media marketing calendar. Every day of your week is planned out, even if it's a rough outline at first. This will give you guidance on your content creation.

Create Your Content In Bulk

You're going to need to set aside the entire day. If you're going to take the time to get dressed, do your makeup, set up your camera, ensure good lighting, get as much content out of your photoshoot as you can. Change your outfits, change out the backdrops, transition locations, discuss new topics, feature new products. Whatever it is that your business needs to support the content creation on social media, get as much done of if in one day as you can.

Cross Promote

Not all of your content will be acceptable for all of your social media outlets, but it's important to reuse your content where you can. Be mindful of who your audience is on each channel, be mindful of the time limits of videos, preferred sizing (it can be different with each channel), and ensure your captions speak to that particular audience.

Organize Your Content

Select your picks and write your captions beforehand. This is where you fill-in-the-blanks into your social media calendar. Make sure you organize the used content into separate buckets, and always save the images or videos you don't fill into your calendar for the month for other months. If you spend time creating content, find a way to use it!

Schedule It All Out

My personal favorite social media scheduler is Lately Social, though I know everyone has their own opinion about it. Once you're able to get everything into a social media schedule platform, you won't have to worry about missing a time or day to post because you're busy doing something else. Although the application does the posting for you, it's very important to stay present on all of your platforms and engage with your audience in any way that you can!


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